Our Values

We are a Church made of REAL people serving a REAL God. 


Relationships: We are a church that is built on relationships with God and with others. Community is a core value in how we do staff, leadership, discipleship, outreach, and worship. Intimacy is the context of God’s mill-work.

Equipping: We are a church that strives to be excellent in all of our services, programs, staff, and leadership for the purpose of presenting ourselves as a pleasing sacrifice to our excellent Lord. This is excellence, not legalism. Our ministry is grace-filled with a heart to bring a smile to the face of God. Our goal is excellence, our heart is grace.

Authenticity: We are a church that is deeply, joyfully, and sometimes painfully honest about ourselves, the Lord, and His Word. We strive to be real people serving our real God in a very real world. Another word for this is humility and it often comes through the millwork of God breaking us and beautifully recreating us.

Lifestyle of Holiness: We are a people who are different, set apart from the values and practices of the world surrounding us. Our lifestyles are to be noticeably and invitingly godly.